Ben McFinlough
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, Piano, Organ, Programming


Sean Manwell
Additional Guitar


Bernd Sigerist
Bass, Accordion


Francesco Mangiaracina


Sascha Ibel

Georg Bitsche

Florian Lang
Additional Guitar

The basic tracks for Cabin Fever were recorded at a cabin, deep in the swedish forests, with nothing more but a simple multi-tracker and a microphone. Overdubbing was added later in the progress. The idea for the album was to go into the wild "empty-handed", start writing songs and to record them straight afterwards, which turned out to be a quite productive workflow...


However, in the beginning, it was supposed to be a "one voice - two guitars" setup, but the songs demanded further arrangements. In the end, Cabin Fever became a link between the sparsely arranged Just Like The Sun and the "eight guitars are not enough" - album One Hour Therapy, with arrangements somewhere in between those two albums.


The Lost Stories About Christmas was originally planned as a 4-6 track mini album featuring unusual christmas songs. A lot of songs were in the making, but never got to a final stage. Shortly before Cabin Fever was finished, Ben dropped the mini album idea and put the two finished songs as bonus tracks on the album.