Sorry, this album is no longer available !

Ben McFinlough
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Sean Manwell
Guitar, Harmonica, Flute

Simon Buchner
Guitar, Flute




Francesco Mangiaracina

Piano, Programming


Manuela Arnold

Guest Vocals on Just Like The Sun, Old Friend

Just Like The Sun was Ben`s very first semi-professional recording attempt. Six songs were recorded in September 2002 at Dorian Gray Studios (Eichenau, Germany) within two days, the other half of the album was recorded seven months later at FMM Studios (Germany) within fourteen days.


Although Just Like The Sun is no longer available, some songs from the album are already (or will be) re-recorded and can be found on the other Ben McFinlough albums !





01. Intro

02. Just Like The Sun

03. Stranger --> Re-recording can be found on Soul Cancer !

04. Ted Liver`s Song --> Re-recording in the making !

05. Somebody To Love You --> Re-recording can be found on One Hour Therapy !

06. C`mon Jesus Beat That !

07. Easy To Get --> Re-recording can be found on Anything For Fame !

08. Love Won`t Make It Better

09. Never --> Re-recording can be found on Soul Cancer !

10. Suzie

11. Outside Your Window

12. The Two Horsewomen Of The Apocalypse --> Re-recording in the making !

13. Waiting For The War

14. Old Friend --> Re-recording can be found on Soul Cancer !

15. Outro